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SLC Supports ARMA Benchmarking

SLC Solicitors are a founding sponsor of the upcoming ARMA member benchmarking initiative to be conducted annually with key findings announced at the November 2016 ARMA Conference in London

Benchmarking provides an opportunity for businesses to make a meaningful annual assessment of the performance of their business relative to the sector and their competitor group. Year on year comparisons over a wide range of business performance indicators will usefully inform participants about the performance of their business compared to others across a wide range of metrics.

SLC supports this activity as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in the property management sector

Neil Shearing, Principal Solicitor at SLC said “I encourage all ARMA members to support and participate in this important ongoing research process in order to gain meaningful insights into their business performance”.

The new knowledge that ARMA members will gain from participating in the benchmarking survey on an annual basis will support and guide strategic decision-making.

Dr. Nigel Glen, CEO of ARMA was recently quoted “Benchmarking will shine a light on areas where efficiencies can be gained and will improve our understanding of the sector”.

Benchmarking on an annual basis will guide the sector and its members’ in making better informed decisions and supports the sectors commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

The survey opens in June and can be accessed through the ARMA web site.

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