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PRS – Richard Berridge & Paul Belson

SLC Solicitors have successfully moved into the PRS market. Having appointed PRS consultants Paul Belson (ex PRS Government Taskforce) and Richard Berridge (PRS expert and strategist We have developed a dedicated ‘first of its kind’ PRS team, who have been advising institutions on their downstream business for the past two years.

With all the hype surrounding Build to Rent and the PRS the focus has been on investment, location, and the various management USP’s designed to draw in the customer. SLC are using their experience dealing with freehold blocks and managing agents to reduce debt risk in the PRS.

paul belson Richard Berridge
Paul Belson
PRS Consultant
Richard Berridge
PRS Consultant

Richard and Paul have assisted in developing an institutional specific recovery model for SLC Solicitors, which has been live for the past year and SLC have already been appointed by some of the key players in the market. Alongside the recovery model, SLC also have a service advising PRS businesses on structuring their tenancy agreements and their systems to keep debt issues at a minimum.

With rents rising across the country and affordability becoming a real issue for many, perhaps it’s time the new PRS looked more closely at how to manage serious leakage in its net operating income. If you want more information, please contact Jo Green, or visit

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