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SLC Solicitors have launched an online Client Portal. This is an area dedicated to our clients, giving them live access to the most up to date information held on our system for all active cases.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients are fully informed at every step of their arrears recovery and provide extensive reports at a frequency of their choosing. However we wanted to go a step further and give them access to these reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; wherever and whenever they want them.
Gaining access to the Client Portal is quick, easy and efficient. All login details are created and held by SLC, ensuring minimal delay before clients are online. The portal sits within the SLC Solicitors website and, providing we are saved in your favourites, is only three clicks away. The Client Portal is displayed in the header of each page and can be accessed regardless of where the client is within our site, keeping a valuable resource conveniently accessible at all times.

Once this is completed, the Client will have immediate access to all relevant information linked to their account. This is backed up and refreshed daily to ensure only the most recent information is supplied.

This service is completely free to our clients. Reports can be configured to reflect the information they deem relevant and their dedicated Account Manager is always on hand, committed to help with any queries and keep them informed at all times.

The Client Portal can be accessed using desktop, tablet or mobile devices providing a valuable tool for all Property Managers giving them access to live up-to-date information prior to any site visits.

If you are currently not set up on our Client Portal, or would like a demonstration, please contact Jo Green on 0333 0300 200 for more information.

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