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ARMA Benchmarking Survey

The deadline date for the ARMA Benchmarking survey has been extended, until Wednesday 14th September, to ensure as many companies as possible have the chance to enrol themselves into the survey. The survey went live in June and allows members the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of their business and the sector though an individual business report. This will provide detailed analysis of their business performance against fellow ARMA members.
The survey looks at performance across a wide range of aspects of members’ business, including;

• Income and Expenses
• Profitability
• Portfolio data
• Property manager ratios
• Staffing levels
• Comparative benchmarks

Participation is free for all ARMA members and each business participating with the survey will receive a free headline summary report into the position of their business within the market. ARMA members will also be given the opportunity to purchase the detailed individual business report comparing their performance against the above benchmarks. This will allow a detailed comparison of performance compared to that of other ARMA members of a similar size and location.

Are you an ARMA member and haven’t enrolled your business as yet? If so, follow the link below to get details of how you can get involved with the survey.

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