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Transparency of Costs from the Outset

We have discussed previously how using a regulated firm of solicitors is the right move for you to make when it comes to aiding your arrears recovery. However the benefits are not just related to work ethic and practice; they also relate to costs, a pivotal and vital area for any business.

As an authorised member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) we are required to abide by their ruling relating to costs and charges. The question of what costs you have to pay when instructing a law firm can be very confusing, however by using a firm regulated by the SRA you can be assured you will receive all details regarding costs. Charges can vary between lawyers and different law firms, so you are best to shop around to find the best option for you, however any solicitor acting under the SRA, like SLC Solicitors, must make their fee structures as transparent as possible.

We offer many different services to our clients which come with different fee arrangement options. From the outset if for whatever reason you haven’t been given a fixed fee agreement, we will supply you with a costs estimate and we will keep you up to date with the costs you are incurring as the matter progresses.

Any services we offer in relation to arrears recovery can be issued on a “no recovery no fee” basis, providing certain criteria is met. We will, in all cases, be able to advise you from the outset whether this is possible and if not we will discuss all other possible solutions with you. We will also supply an explanation of any charges that have been incurred by you at the end of your case, or at any time you request it during the process. All information regarding fees will be supplied to you in writing, but we are always on hand to explain and further communicate this information with you should you require it.

By using a firm regulated by the SRA you can at any time request the Court to examine a bill for any work completed where you feel the costs are unreasonable. This is known as “applying for a detailed assessment”. You can request for this to take place any time between one month and a year of receiving the bill, providing you have not already paid in full. This procedure may incur further costs, however if the court were to reduce the bill by more than 20% you would not have to pay for the assessment. It is advisable to seek legal advice before applying for the assessment to deem whether it were a sensible request.

By using an unregulated firm you are leaving yourself in a vulnerable position when it comes to costs and charges. Make a smart choice, choose SLC Solicitors today.

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