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Service Charge and Ground Rent Arrears: Time is of the essence!

Now is the time to instruct your solicitors to maximise your income. We appreciate that the fast turnaround of RMC and freeholder cash flow from service charges and ground rents is crucial to the way in which you are able to supply your services to your RMC and freeholder clients.

By now, demands for payments due for the half-year period and the time for payment under most leases will have elapsed. It is also probably a correct assumption that not all leaseholders will have paid in full or even at all. In some instances your credit control systems may be up to date but you may not have a clear picture of who has paid and who has not.

You may be using up valuable management time in chasing up those defaulting leaseholders with telephone calls and letters but there an alternative option – by making us of SLC’s free legal outsource facility.

No legal costs and disbursements to pay – free outsourcing of instructions to SLC Solicitors(subject to lease)

You may have identified the defaulting leaseholders but rather than chase them internally, you could instruct SLC Solicitors to undertake all the leg work for you. We are easy to instruct – just one phone call will connect you to an Account Manager who will undertake all the pre-action chasing on your behalf. We operate a ‘no recovery no fee’ policy (subject to lease) so you need not fear expensive legal fees as in the vast majority of cases we recover our legal costs from the defaulting leaseholders. We also pay the court issue fees (subject to terms and conditions) on undisputed cases up front so there are no hold-ups. These fees are then recovered from the defaulting leaseholder along with the debt, interest, legal costs and your late payment administration charges.

Reports for clients

Our online block by block reporting systems are tailored to your requirements so you are kept fully informed as to the stage your matter is at and of any sums recovered. We also supply periodical reports to clients on a block by block basis which can in turn be used as presentational items for your meetings with your RMC clients. Our turnaround is fast and efficient and payments are sent out to you quickly (same day, if received in our bank electronically; or as soon as cheques have cleared.)

Disputes and litigation

If matters are disputed we have trained staff to deal with those issues pre-action. If there is no alternative the matter will be passed to our Litigation Process Team for claims to be issued. Our experienced teams will process the matter right through to forfeiture and possession proceedings if need be and deal with any applications in the FTT as well as all court matters. Their success rate is very high and they deal daily with the most difficult of cases and obtain successful results for clients and in the vast majority of cases recover all legal costs from the leaseholder.

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