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A New Rental Standard for Leeds

A new Rental Standard has been launched in Leeds to offer a new accreditation mark for the Private Rented Sector (PRS) within the City. This follows the combined efforts of The Residential Landlord Association (RLA), National Landlord Association (NLA), Leeds Landlords Accreditation Scheme (LLAS) and Unipol.

As the Northern Powerhouse continues to grow, Leeds and surrounding areas are quickly becoming a hub for PRS landlords. The new initiative will bring unity to the City of Leeds defining the standards expected by the RLA, NLA, LLAS and Unipol within the sector into a single “badge of honour”. Establishing a minimum standard expected for those involved in PRS accommodation.

The scheme which launched on the 2nd May offers Landlords multiple benefits in return for signing up to the “Leeds Rental Standard”. Discounts are available on local licensing schemes, Landlords are able to be self-regulating and have the option to resolve any tenant/customer complaints without involving the local council. They also have access to council housing officers for advice and guidance as needed and have access to the Private Tenant Letting Scheme which will help to find tenants and provide support to maintain tenancies.

Furthermore, Landlords will be able to advertise their properties in “Leeds Homes” and benefit from zero tipping charges at certain civic amenity sites. Business parking permits are also being made available for Landlords who require regular access to residential parking zones.

As with all aspects of the PRS, the scheme has been created with tenants in mind, optimising the customer service on offer to them from their landlords. Tenants will easily be able to identify a good landlord and have confidence that the property they are interested in renting is of a good standard, properly managed and, somewhat more importantly, regulated. The Leeds Rental Standard gives general consumer protection, allowing all members and tenants the right to access the complaints and independent tribunal system if serious disputes cannot be informally resolved.

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