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Forfeiture and possession

Where there are unresolved breaches of lease such as unpaid ground rent or service charge, the ultimate sanction for a landlord, freeholder or resident management company is to threaten to exercise the right of forfeiture. This will being the lease to an end and entitle the landlord, freeholder or RMC to repossess the property with no compensation to the leaseholder.

If arrears aren’t paid, or the dispute cannot be settled, SLC Solicitors dedicated team can be instructed to commence forfeiture proceedings and enforce warrants for possession of the property, an area we are highly skilled in.

Where forfeiture is not possible or it does not secure the funds the preferred method of enforcement is bailiff attendance or by High Court enforcement officers. At SLC Solicitors we have a highly trained unit dealing specifically with enforcement of judgments using the most effective mechanism to secure payments quickly. In the rare cases where physical possession of property is necessary our team have high success rates in securing possession.

How SLC Solicitors can assist

We are able to assist landlords, freeholders or residential management companies by;

  • supplying guidance on enforcement methods
  • preparing and serving notice on the tenant
  • instructing a bailiff
  • issuing possession proceedings at Court
  • obtaining a court order for possession
  • evicting the tenant
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