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Landlords Updated Forms & Court Fees

The Government has updated the Section 8 and Section 13 forms which apply to private letting in England. Civil court fees have also increased .

Updated Forms

These changes came into effect on Wednesday 6th April 2016; landlords must note these changes are separate to the changes that were made in April last year.

  1. Form 3 – used for Section 8 Notices by agents and landlords when a private tenant is in arrears by two months or more. ( This is the third update to the form in a year. The form used in Wales remains unchanged)
  1. Form 4 – used for Section 13 Notices is used when rent is being increased for an existing tenant without the issuing of a new tenancy agreement.
  1. Form 5 – which applies to agricultural tenancies.

Although the changes to both forms are relatively minor, concerning drafting and clarity. It is essential that these new forms are used as used as of 6th April 2016, use of outdated documents could result in possession hearings or rent increases being regarded as invalid.

Please click here to see how these changes have been incorporated into the forms.

Court Fees

Civil court fees have also increased, as of 21st March 2016, the key changes are:

  • Possession claims, the fee for issuing proceedings will increase from £280 to £355.
  • Online Lodges Possession Claims through the (PCOL) system, the fee will increase from £250 to £325.
  • The fee for applications made by consent will increase from £50 to £100
  • Fee for general applications made on notice within civil proceedings will increase from £155 to £255.
  • Fee for general applications made without notice will increase from £50 to £100.

It is important the correct fees are paid as of this date to prevent any claims being rejected or delayed.


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