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Zen and the Art of Property Management

Posted on 23/08/2016

“Our enlightenment is timeless, yet our realisation of it occurs in time”. Enlightenment; there’s a thing. As a freeholder, managing agent or having exercised one’s right to manage, enlightenment is what one craves. Anyone who has served a Section 20 notice or any of the statutory notices required from time to time knows that to […]

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Tougher Rules for Buy-to-let Landlords

Posted on 16/08/2016

Buy-to-let landlords could soon find it much harder to secure finance helping them to acquire a property. This follows news of tougher regulations for buy-to-let mortgage lenders when calculating mortgages for those investing in the Private Rented Sector (PRS). The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are concerned that lending standard in the sector may not be […]

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Extensive reports via SLC Client Portal

Posted on 09/08/2016

Running reports is a large part of what we do. It’s the most detailed way we can let our Client’s know exactly what position we are in with their arrears. We pride ourselves on ensuring they are fully informed every step of the way and provide extensive reports at a frequency of their choosing. However […]

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Build to Rent Beating Brexit Uncertainty

Posted on 02/08/2016

Since news broke to the world of the UK’s choice to Brexit, a cloud of uncertainty fell over all markets. Finances plummeted in the wake of the decision and slowed any movement within the Property Sector. That all appears to be changing now however, with one of the biggest players within the Build to Rent […]

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Your business needs a lawyer

Posted on 26/07/2016

In recent times, especially during this period where the PRS is undergoing a seismic revolution, we steal ideas and systems from countries to make what we have a great deal better. So it is with the US where we analyse the detail of multifamily living, which they have perfected over 50 years of making the […]

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SLC’s Key Strategic Appointment

Posted on 20/07/2016

Since arriving at SLC to spearhead the firm’s business development, Jo Green has now taken on the pivotal role of Head of Commercial Operations. Whilst Jo continues to lead business development, she has also taken on a much broader brief with particular focus on account management, staff development, training on non-legal aspects as well as […]

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A Cautionary Tale: Avoid the Wrath of the FTT

Posted on 08/07/2016

It seems to us that a great number of managing agents don’t quite know how to deal with outstanding legal costs arising from service charge recovery. Now as we all know, there are a number of remedies, culminating, in extremis, in forfeiture of lease. Generally though the Courts are very reluctant to go down this […]

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Reputation: Using unregulated firms is risking yours!

Posted on 01/07/2016

Before Montague, let’s call it ‘BM’ in the timeline of property management, one of the key reasons institutions gave for not investing in residential property was ‘reputational management’. Or rather, the lack of it. Managing an office block was easy and any disputes would be of a corporate, rather prosaic nature. No kittens were hurt […]

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Serious tenant arrears fall 4%

Posted on 24/06/2016

A combination of a more robust jobs market and rental affordability has led to a significant fall in serious tenant arrears a survey by LSL Property Services finds. Broadly defined as more than two months behind in rent, serious arrears now account for only 1% of the total PRS market at some 86,200 out of […]

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Why use SLC Solicitors over an Unregulated Firm?

Posted on 20/06/2016

A good property will naturally attract good tenants, or at least that’s what you hope for. But unfortunately sometimes things will go wrong, and it’s imperative you have a trustworthy debt recovery agent working on your behalf to pick up those cases. Many might assume that you get the same service regardless of who provides […]

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