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SLC: Sensible, Reasonable, Risk-Free.
The costs for our innovative PRS service lines are summarised below:
1. PRS pre-judgment rent arrears and possessions service with conditional fee agreement (minimising costs exposure to you).
2. PRS recovery and/or enforcement of judgment debt (post eviction) of aged rent arrears and judgment costs. Providing added value through free legal advice and an innovative damages based agreement incorporated into our bespoke ‘Trace and Collect’ service which includes a ‘no recovery no fee’ model.
Costs and disbursement summary
1. PRS pre-judgment arrears and evictions service with conditional fee agreement
The fees to the client are capped for all undefended cases and the sum invoiced to you in this respect will not exceed the fees set out within this section.
In the conditional fee agreement we have a di erential fee structure which will enable us to recover fees from the tenant, where we are able to do so, at our usual hourly and/or conditional fee rates as set out here and overleaf.
Issue of a letter before action accompanied by a Section 8 or Section 21 Notice - £45.00 plus VAT (cost to client).
If we receive payment of the rent due upon service of the relevant notice, and before the issue of a claim, we charge a  xed rate of £45.00 plus vat to you but under the CFA a charge to the tenant of 10% of the sum recovered, subject to a maximum amount of £200.00 + VAT. We shall seek to recover this latter sum in addition to the rent from the tenant and will include this conditional fee cost in our initial letter. There is potentially no cost to the client if full recovery of our costs and all other amounts owing takes place at this stage.
Drafting possession proceedings, preparing for hearing, drafting witness statement and instructing advocate and issuing warrant:
Court fee
Instruction of baili 
Court fee on warrant
Advocate’s fee (may vary slightly)
£240.00 plus VAT
£50.00 plus VAT
So the maximum fee is £335.00 + court fees + advocate’s fee if there is a hearing, followed by a warrant for possession.
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