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Operation and Resources
SLC: Quali ed, Professional, Ethical.
The  rm operates a well trained paralegal service at the point of commencement for all its process driven work, of which the PRS element is integral.
The paralegals are supervised by quali ed solicitors and each client is allocated an experienced account manager as a  rst point of contact.
When a matter becomes disputed or defended it is referred to our experienced PRS solicitors within our Litigation Disputes Team.
Well Resourced
SLC has around 60 quali ed, part quali ed and non-quali ed sta . Within this number we have a dedicated PRS Team fully conversant with the distinct nature of the sector.
The PRS Team has at its disposal our highly respected Litigation Process Team (undisputed matters) as well as the Litigation Disputes Team (disputed matters). SLC has every eventuality covered, coupled with exceptional response times.
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