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SLC: Knowledgeable, Expert, Rigorous.
SLC has a dedicated team of 60 experienced solicitors, quali ed legal executives and paralegals and with almost 200 years of post- quali cation experience between them specialising in all aspects of PRS law.
With investors focused on the criteria of income optimisation, having an integral strategy for management of voids and bad debts has been identi ed as a crucial component of maintaining strong  nancial performance and ensuring a reduction in avoidable leakage.
SLC’s innovative bespoke PRS legal services include a wide range of legal considerations:
• Consultancy services – exploring your requirements, structuring systems;
• AST drafting – ensuring all commercial considerations are maximised to your advantage and nuanced to accommodate client speci c criteria;
• Data Protection and Deposit Scheme guidance – how to hold tenant data and monies securely and in a compliant manner;
• Income / revenue enhancements – considering the need for early termination fees, renewal fees, late payment charges and interest and administration charges;
• Lease administration - covering issues such as breach of conditions, licences, schedules of additional services, service level agreements;
• Tenant management and recovery pathways – dealing with issues such as the need for inventories, damages to property, liability for utilities, rent arrears recovery, serving notices.
SLC is recognised as an industry leading and award-winning provider of innovative legal services in the collection of all forms of rent arrears. In this regard we are able to utilise our unique Trace and Collect service which helps us recover AST rent arrears that are up to 6 years in age, post eviction and often unnecessarily written o  too quickly.
SLC also has an enviable success rate when it comes to obtaining possession orders. In 98% of cases where SLC has dealt with an order for possession, SLC successfully recovered the property for the instructing landlord.
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