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About You
SLC: Solutions, Focus, Results.
PRS / Build to Rent
We aim to provide solutions to include:
• PRS consultation and advice on debt management strategy;
• Drafting of AST agreements, nuanced to re ect client speci c criteria and to include clauses to minimise costs and maximise revenues;
• E ective procedures to recover arrears of rent and/or ensure possession:
o No recovery no fee collection (without court proceedings); o Fixed fees for Section 8 and Section 21 Notices;
o Fixed fees for court proceedings.
• Innovative Trace and Collect service to initiate recovery of historic/written o  debt to create windfall income streams for clients.
See Competencies page for a comprehensive overview of services
Freeholders & Investors
We aim to help manage and provide additional income streams and protect assets through:
• Rapid recovery of 100% of ground rent debt creating and maximising income streams via interest payments and administration charges;*
• Specialist innovative management and recovery for ground rent debts of under £350 and 3 years;*
• Providing added value through free legal advice; and
• Additional non-contentious property services to include; lease extensions*, lease variations, leasehold enfranchisement and multiple licences.*
Managing Agents
We aim to help protect service delivery through:
• Rapid collection of 100% of service charge debt recovery;*
• Creating and maximising income streams for late payment interest and administration charges;
• Managing ground rent, service charge and insurance debts together; and
• Full reporting on every case instructed on a client determined basis.
We have an extensive range of non-contentious property management legal services including:
• Lease extensions*
• Leasehold enfranchisement
• The right to manage incorporations
• Section 20 consultation
• Licenses for works, alterations and sub-letting*
Social Housing Providers
We aim to assist SHP’s using our specialist knowledge of the strict regulatory framework within which SHP’s must operate. We are:
• Transparent, with up front legal costs;
• Accountable, with full reporting on all proceedings and online case access for clients; and
• Ethically responsible and socially sensitive.
In addition to our core legal services, we provide training seminars and surgeries nationally to ensure our clients are fully up to date with current legislation, working systems and ethical practices.
*Free to outsource client service (subject to conditions).
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