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Training courses
E ective ground rent recovery
A half-day interactive workshop on the legal implications underpinning actions taken and procedures followed. The workshop covers:
• Valuable income in a di cult economic climate
• The importance of good communication
• Pre-action protocols
• The procedures and timescales for recovery
• Collating and preparing evidence
• First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber)
• Legal costs/recovery of costs/taxation of costs
• Case study discussion
Your guide to FTT and County Court procedure
A half-day session detailing how to process a claim.
Issues relating to leases (residential and commercial)
Session including s146 Notices, forfeiture and possessions including the law on distress for commercial premises.
Debt management for small
and medium sized enterprises
Practical session on e ective credit control processes Do’s and Don’ts when instructing solicitors.

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