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Ground rent arrears
Ground rent acquisitions in the UK are an increasingly popular and secure investment for both large multi-national companies and smaller investment led businesses.
SLC is at the forefront of protecting and creating the revenues from this popular income stream, maximising the returns from the investment and managing the turnover or income for its clients.
Following default by the tenant we can recover arrears of ground rent (up to six years after it  rst fell due). There must be more than £350 owing or the sums must be outstanding for 3 years or more before forfeiture proceedings can be commenced. We are able to act in almost every instance on a no recovery no fee basis and recover our fees from the leaseholder (subject to lease).
Ground rent is a valuable income stream especially in the current climate. It is therefore crucial that there is a constant review of credit control issues and quick recovery of outstanding arrears of ground rent. Without adequate controls freeholders and management companies can  nd the arrears getting out of hand.
This can be avoided if the services of specialist solicitors are engaged to ensure recoveries are collected promptly. SLC Solicitors is able to provide a fast and e cient collection of arrears of ground rents on a no recovery no fee basis with absolutely no upfront charges to our clients (subject to lease).
For guidance on the process of demanding ground rents and credit control generally and also how our litigation service operates up to and including forfeiture of the lease we are able to provide training at clients’ o ces as well as precedent documents in prescribed formats to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
We can also provide you with guidance notes and our e-bulletins that cover wide-ranging topics relating to property management, health and safety, insurance, credit control and many other topics.
Contact Jo Green for details.
“On an everyday level, the service SLC o ers is second to none. At all times there is someone available either to answer a phone or to respond quickly by e-mail.”
Managing Agent, Manchester
“SLC have an exceptional understanding of the property management industry.”
Managing Agent, Nationwide

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