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Complementary legal services
In addition to our core litigation services we also provide a range of specialist property based legal services that build upon and complement our core expertise.
Lease variation
Leases can be varied in two ways – either by mutual consent of all current parties or by application to the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987. Sometimes the provisions of leases (e.g. in service charge clauses) do not re ect the actuality or provisions are unworkable so it is desirable to vary the lease. At SLC we can undertake such variations on your behalf by either method.
Contact Analise Broomhall for further information.
Section 20 consultation guidance
Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended by s151 of Commonhold & Leasehold Reform Act 2002) provides that tenants paying variable service charges must be consulted before a landlord carries out works above a certain value or enters into a long-term agreement for the provision of services. These provisions can be fraught with di culties but at SLC we can assist with all aspects of the process.
Contact Analise Broomhall for further information
Nuisance actions
Tenants of residential  ats often commit acts of ‘nuisance’ in breach of their lease i.e. doing something on their own property which they are lawfully entitled to do but which becomes a nuisance when the consequences of those acts extend to the property of their neighbours or when they do something in their own property which is prohibited under the lease. At SLC we have experts with experience in taking action against the o ending tenant.
Contact Jeremy Weaver for further information
Forfeiture and possession
The ultimate sanction for a landlord, freeholder or resident management company when there are unresolved breaches of lease, such as unpaid ground rents or service charges, is to threaten to exercise the right of forfeiture which will bring the lease to an end and entitle the landlord, freeholder or RMC to repossess the property with no compensation to the leaseholders. If arrears cannot be settled before that stage at SLC Solicitors we have a dedicated team specialising in forfeiture proceedings and enforcing warrants for possession.
Contact Jeremy Weaver for further information.
Licences for works/alterations/sub-letting
Tenants or occupiers often want to sublet their property or carry out works to them for which they often need a formal written licence under the terms of their lease or transfer (TP1) document. SLC Solicitors can act on behalf of landlords, freeholders, developers or any relevant party, whose responsibility it is to grant those licences.
Contact Analise Broomhall for further information.

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