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Private rented sector
The rapidly expanding private rented sector coupled with the thrust toward freeholder and institutional
led investment in the ‘build to rent’ market has seen SLC’s specialist knowledge of this area of law grow considerably. SLC has developed some key legal services focussing on residential lettings, rent arrears and its eviction service. We have also devised a trace and collect service for clients who have su ered from losses stemming from tenants vacating and not paying upon vacation/eviction.
We can o er a comprehensive service for lettings and managing agents and investment landlords.
If you need to recover arrears of rent and/or ensure your tenant is evicted we can help.
• Nationwide service
• Recovery of legal costs, interest, mesne pro ts and
disbursements from debtor tenants
• Fast and e cient service
• Accelerated possession proceedings
• No recovery no fee rent arrears collection (without court
• Fixed fees for Section 8 and Section 21 Notices
• Fixed fees for court proceedings
• Specialist trace and collect service (departed tenants)
For more information on our residential rent arrears recovery services please give us a call on 0333 0300 200 and ask to speak to Jo Green

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