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Training courses
As well as our core litigation based legal services we also provide a range of more niche specialist services that
build upon our core expertise and complement our ability to act in partnership with our client’s enterprises.
Lease variation
A full-day session discussing how to vary leases – by mutual consent, or by application to the FTT.
Section 20 process
A session designed to outline the correct consultation process for ‘major works’ and long term qualifying agreements including service of notices and timescales.
Health & safety
A one hour session on risk assessments with insurance specialists Blockinsure.
Your guide to the FTT
A half-day session detailing how to process the di erent types of claims dealt with by the Tribunal.
Insurance for residential managed
Short informative session on FTT legal costs, insurance and/or block insurance policies for managing agents, freeholders and landlords.
Debt management for small and
medium sized enterprises
Practical session on e ective credit control processes Do’s and Don’ts when instructing solicitors.
A one hour session on abatement of private nuisance, breach of insurance type covenants in leases and the enforcement of such covenants.
Right to manage
This full-day session will focus on the process of right to manage.
Collective enfranchisement
A two hour session on processes to e ect collective enfranchisement, lease extensions and individual acquisitions of freeholds.
Issues related to leases
(residential and commercial)
A session including S146 Notices, forfeiture and possessions including the law on distress for commercial premises.

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