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SLC Solicitors - working in partnership with you
We are an award winning niche commercial law  rm serving the property management sector. We work in partnership with our clients and know that by putting their interests  rst it helps us to build longstanding relationships based on trust.
Whilst SLC operates almost exclusively within the litigation, debt recovery and property management sectors, we also o er ancillary legal services such as leasehold enfranchisement, Right To Manage company
formation and guidance, lease variations and extensions, section 20 consultation guidance, licences for works/ alterations/sublettings and much more. We are always willing to speak to anyone on a ‘no obligation’ basis.
We provide our services nationwide and regularly conduct training seminars and surgeries at our clients’ premises all around the country so that our clients can easily gauge our people and our expertise in the areas in which we o er our niche services.
About you
SLC Solicitors act for a wide variety of clients nationwide on property management, property (or landlord and tenant) litigation and debt recovery issues and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to the needs of our individual clients whatever their sector.
Our clients choose SLC Solicitors because we provide RMC directors with practical and wide-ranging legal support on a cross-section of leasehold and management issues such as debt recovery in relation to arrears of service charges and ground rents (no recovery no fee and no upfront charges), nuisance, leasehold enfranchisement, right to manage incorporations, lease extensions and variations and licences for alterations. We can also supply RMC directors with guidance notes and our e-bulletins that cover wide-ranging topics relating to property management, health and safety, insurance, credit control and many other topics.
Freeholders & developers
With property transactions in decline and equity margins being squeezed, if you own a freehold as the developer or following an acquisition, the income from ground rents is an excellent investment and a key source of turnover during these di cult times.
We act for developers and freeholders around the country and are able to turnaround the overdue charges quickly and at no cost to you (subject to lease).
Managing agents
We understand how managing agents look to drive their businesses forward. We appreciate that they are always looking for innovative ways of working with their clients, contractors and suppliers to enhance their professional relationships, and increase pro tability.
We work in partnership with all our managing agents nationally. We provide impressive service levels, expertise and commitment to help develop longlasting relationships built on trust.
Private rented sector
The UK’s private rented sector (PRS) has more than doubled in size in recent years, and it is set to keep expanding. ‘Build to rent’ is becoming increasingly the way forward with institutional investors taking their lead from our European and US counterparts. There are now more than 10 million people living in privately rented accommodation, accounting for over four million households, 19-20% of the total number of households in the UK. With the scope for institutional investment increasing within the sector, supported by the government*, these  gures look set to continue to rise with projections indicating growth to around 25% in the next few years with London reaching 50% by 2020. SLC specialises in property management and debt recovery and we can provide  rst class legal services to support clients in this sector with our residential rent arrears and possessions and trace and collect service.
* Private Rented Sector Task Force in 2012.
Social housing
Social Housing Providers (SHPs) exist to provide a ordable housing to some 8 million people in England and Wales . A sizeable proportion of that stock is rented accommodation.
At SLC Solicitors we are aware of the strict regulatory framework within which SHPs must operate and their obligations to be transparent; to report on performance to their tenants; and to hold themselves to account. As a result we believe we can assist with rent arrears collections and possession proceedings in alignment with those obligations by providing a transparent service with clear up front legal costs and online case access for clients.

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